Tutor Affiliation

Project – Affordable Education for all

We at Digitop Academy are in a mission to provide quality education to all at affordable cost. We have planned to provide following services to the people of India

(a) Academic education at very low cost

(b) Technical education at almost free of cost (nominal Fees only) to make our youths capable to earn livelyhood

(c) Cultural and Religious Education for all Religion and Culture of India to spread the rich legacy wisdom to the generations to come.

(d) Engage the qualified Acharya/Guru/Tutors to share their knowledge and skill for the same.

Step -1 – Engage Qualified Teachers of various subject/skill. Teachers will be paid for every completed course. Contract agreement will be exercised before commencement of preparation of course material by the teacher.

  1. JEE & NEET
  2. Academic for the classes from VI to XII all subject.
  3. Entrance Exams – CLAT, NIFD, CAT, MAT, JENPAS, NTA Exams including NET/SLET etc
  4. Recruitment Exams including UPSC, SSC, Rail, IBPS Other Banking, LIC, FCI, State Civil Services etc
  5. Learning language – English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Tamil , Telegu, Marathi, Oriya, Malayalam, French, German, mandarin, Spanish etc
  6. Religious – Ved, Quoran, Bible, Meditation, Yoga, Prayers
  7. Personal Development – Brain & memory Power Enhancement, Success Tips, Skill Development Tips
  8. Technical – Electrical wiring, Mobile Repairing, Computer Hardware & Software, Web development, Digital marketing, Social media marketing, Youtube Channel management, Vuido editing, Content Writing, General Nursing & First Aid, Music, painting, Games and Sports, Fitness and 100 more courses.
  9. Problem Solving – Course and Consultation for Psychological issues like Anxity, depression, Stress management, Parenting Guide, Student’s counseling, Financial Crisis management, Relationship management, Social adaptibility management etc.

Step – 2 Prepare Online Course with proper Lesson evaluation and certification system comprising audio/vidio and Text materials.

Step – 3 Marketing and promotion – As much as possible spread the course free for underprevileged students. Sale in at with 90% discount of current market rate of the course.

Step -4 Launch the Courses , – open to all by 15 August 2024.

Remuneration For academic courses – Subject wise and Chapter wise remuneration to be paid based on the class, topic and time taken to complete the topic. Initially, teachers are request to cooperate with us so that we can launch with minimum courses and once the sale started, remuneration will be paid as per market rate.

Teachers may ask if any query on whatsapp – 7980715630 or click here